Shunting during the running of the convoy


Shunting during the running of the convoy:

When the final destination station of a wagon will be near the uncoupling of the wagon will be ordered without stopping the convoy.

Then, the convoy will continue to travel on the principal tracks if no wagon will be waiting for coupling to the convoy.

Before the uncoupled wagon will be parked waiting to reach the service track present in each station.

This service track will house other wagons waiting to couple to the convoy.

The convoy arriving in one of the intermediate station will be divided at the place where the waiting wagon has to be inserted, the head of the convoy will continue over the place where the waiting wagon is parked and the waiting wagon will move so that to insert in the predetermined location in the convoy.

The shunting track allowing this operation will come back to the initial position to allow the passage of the tail of the convoy and the convoy can continue its route.

These operations can be repeated n times in different locations of the convoy and for a number n of wagons.

Some specific parameters to be used in the optimization of the process have to be well investigated.

The used technology of the communication between the Owner of the railway network and the Convoys is  very important to maximise the velocity of the operations and the efficiency of the system.

To detect the correct position of the convoy and of the wagons, suitable apparatus detecting the position, such as GPS, Radio beacon, etc.. will be used.

The position of the wagons and the place of decoupling can be calculated based on the lenght of the locomotive, on the number and types of the wagons previously present at the place of decoupling.

When the shunting track will be free of the waiting wagon this event will be communicated to the owner of the railway network so that the system can continue with the operations according to the prefixed sequence.


Demo of shunting of running wagons.


Deliverables from / to final user:

A possible application of the system is the deliverables kept from the final user or delivered to the final user, where the final user can be the factories and industries located along the route of the convoys.

The following situations can occur:

  • The shunting track (private) is a service track of a station. The wagon will be delivered as described below:
  1. If the private track is able to interface with the software installed in the wagon, the automatic mode of deliver will be perfomed.
  1. Otherwise the deliverable will occur based on the driving of an operator which will instruct the wagon from the control panel present in the wagon.
  • The departing/arrival place is in intermediate position between two far stations. In this case, the management of the shunting track will be again under control of the Owner of the railway network.

The private subject which can manage the requests of coupling/uncoupling of the wagons will communicate in order to allow the authorization to the use of the tracks.

The deliverable between end-users is the optimal one.

The shipping will be completely automated and the wagon is moved once a time unless the loading to a ship is necessary.

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