We want to introduce here a new disruptive concept described in the patent application:

N. 001416154 "Sistema Ferroviario di Trasporto Merci Automatico" issued by UIBM on 22/05/2015

 with request for international extension:

WO2014002077A2 “Rail transport system with convoys automatic composition” in the name of Co.El.Da. Software Srl.

Our company is studying the essential components of the system and is being developing a demo of the patented concept. Moreover, we are evaluating the costs of the logistic services using the actual railway systems, the actual port systems and the actual systems for exchanging services between railway systems and port systems, so that a comparison can be made with the potential costs of the logistic services using the new rail transport systems.

The primary purpose of our study is to involve different economic and technical subjects:

  • Railway wagons makers
  • Railway networks owners
  • Owners of the Port Logistic
  • Owners of places for exchanging services
  • Logistic Marketers
  • Research and Development centers
  • Industrial Partners and Sponsors

To develop the different parts and components of the new system we are proposing.

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